Living in Australia

Living in Australia

During your time in Australia your main contact is your institution’s Student Contact Officer (SCO) who will provide academic and pastoral support. If you are experiencing any issues on-award, you should contact your SCO to seek advice.

Throughout your award you will receive email communication from the Australia Awards South and West Asia staff of on-award engagement activities relevant for your field of study/city you are living in. All activities are optional for you to attend. The Program avoids duplicating the academic and pastoral support functions provided by your Australian host institution, focusing rather on a complementary program of activities that enable you to connect with Australians in your academic field, in your profession, and in your community.

On-award “check-in points”

The Australia Awards South and West Asia program has scheduled regular ‘check-in points’ where program staff in Australia will make contact with on-award scholars. These check-in points are concentrated around your first and last semesters. In the first semester, the focus of the check-in will be on providing you with valuable information to prepare you for your studies in Australia, and in the final semester on preparations for returning home and reintegration.

In addition to the check-in points, throughout your award experience you will receive emails with news of upcoming on-award engagement activities and other relevant information.

Professional Networking Brochure

Check out the Australia Awards South and West Asia Professional Networking Brochure

The Professional Networking Brochure has been developed for Australia Awards recipients from South and West Asia to foster linkages between on-award scholars and Australian organisations and associations.

Networking can provide you with exposure to different skills, knowledge and ways of doing things in Australia on which you can draw upon when you return home.

This brochure provides a ‘snapshot’ and contact details of key Australian organisations and will support you to create professional links and build relationships that are maintained throughout your career. The Professional Networking Brochure includes contacts for:

  • Professional associations in Australia;
  • Academic associations and bodies in Australia;
  • University associations;
  • Australian Chambers of Commerce and Industry; 
  • Organisations that provide opportunities for volunteering in Australia;
  • Australia Awards alumni engagement; and
  • Tips for effective networking.

If you would like additional or more specific information about a particular organisation, we suggest that you contact the organisation directly.

Networking Events

Australia Awards enhances your learning experience by supporting you to build positive links and networks with Australians and Australian organisations, with other scholars, and other global, regional and local networks.

The Australia Awards South and West Asia program will contact you if there are any upcoming networking events in the state you are studying in and/or relevant for your field of study.

Details of upcoming events will be sent via email, so please keep an eye on your inbox.

Australia Awards Leadership Program - Independent Opportunities

The Independent Opportunities entitlement is an optional activity under the Australia Awards Leadership Program.

It enables eligible awardees to identify and undertake activities that will contribute to their own leadership and skills development goals. The entitlement is administered by institutions as part of awardees’ scholarship entitlements.

Eligible awardees will be entitled to apply for funding for Independent Opportunities up to the value of $2,000 (AUD) per awardee over the period of their Australia Award.

Awardees may apply for funding multiple activities over the period of their Australia Award provided the total accumulated amount per awardee does not exceed $2,000. One application is required to be completed per activity.

Awardees may apply for the funding at any stage during their scholarship and activities funded must be undertaken during the period of their Australia Award.

Awardees eligible for the Independent Opportunities entitlement are Australia Awards Scholarship recipients that are participating in the Australia Awards Leadership Program and

  • are from the 2014 intake or
  • are from the 2013 intake or
  • are from the 2012 intake and have not accessed any other optional activities under the Leadership Program (i.e. internship or coaching modules).

For further information, please find the Australia Awards Leadership Program – Independent Opportunities webpage here.

If you have any questions in regards to the Australia Awards Independent Opportunities, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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