Planning to return home

Planning to return home

Australia Awards South and West Asia organises a range of innovative and exciting activities designed to prepare you to reintegrate into your home community and workplace and to maintain linkages with Australia once you have completed your studies.

Watch the Australia Awards On Track for Australia – Returning home for development video

Return Home Workshop

At the end of your studies, you will be invited by the Australia Awards South and West Asia in-Australia staff to attend a Return Home Workshop. The workshop bring together all awardees from South and West Asia who are due to shortly finish their studies and focus on:

  • career planning, reintegration and returning to work
  • applying your new skills and knowledge to contribute to national development
  • renewing and strengthening your interpersonal skills
  • support networks available on return to South and West Asia (Alumni Associations, Women in Leadership Network, Reintegration Workshops, etc.)  

In this workshop you will develop, or review and update, your Development Impact Plan (DIP). The DIP records how you plan to contribute to national development when you return home from your studies in Australia and was recently introduced as a mandatory document in the Award application and reintegration processes. This important workshop will also focus on your transition back to your home country, ensuring you have the strongest plan and tools possible to maximise the impact of your scholarship.

Download a Finalising your Australia Awards Scholarship Checklist here

Return Home Webinar

If you do not have guaranteed employment on your return home, Australia Awards South and West Asia offers a Return Home Webinar following on from the Return Home Workshop.

The purpose of this webinar is to help prepare you to identify and secure employment in your home country that utilises the knowledge, skills and experience you have gained in Australia. The webinar is an interactive information session covering:

  • sourcing jobs and identifying providing job seeking resources;
  • exploiting LinkedIn as a resource for employment;
  • guidelines on creating and updating CVs;
  • building networks; and 
  • enhancing interview skills. 

Watch the October 2016 Return Home Webinar: Employment Strategies here


Stay connected and get engaged!

Australia Awards scholars return home with new ideas and knowledge, and the ability to make a significant contribution to their home countries as leaders in their fields. Many alumni networks provide a variety of benefits and services to help alumni maintain connections, facilitate personal and professional development, and create new friendships and business networks.

For further details of how to engage as an Australia Awards alumnus, check out the Alumni webpage with information of alumni networks, the Women in Leadership Network, university alumni networks, and the Australian Government Global Alumni Engagement Strategy. You will also find information for the Australia Awards Fellowships program under the Alumni section.