Details about Intake 2018

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Australia Awards – Intake 2018


Before submitting an application for an Australia Awards Scholarship, applicants MUST read the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook and the Bhutan Country Profile.
All details about the Australia Awards Scholarships are contained in the Handbook. Bhutan-specific information is contained in the Country Profile.

Details about Intake 2018

For what sectors are Scholarships available?

Australia Awards Scholarships are offered to applicants from Bhutan for study at Master’s level in one of the priority fields of study agreed between RGoB and the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). The study can be undertaken by coursework or by research, or a combination of the two. However, the maximum duration for which DFAT will support a Master’s degree program is for two years.

What fields of study are available for Intake 2018?

The priority fields of study identified for Intake 2018 reflect the development needs of Bhutan and priorities agreed between the Australian Government and RGOB. They align with the objectives of Australia's bilateral and regional aid programs.

Applicants must apply for only one field of study for which their parent agency nominates them. Applicants can submit more than one university preference in their application but not exceed three preferences.

Applicants are encouraged to carefully consider study program and institution preferences before applying. The Australian Government and RGOB will not entertain any changes to these after the application closing date.

Priority fields of study for applicants under the purview of the RCSC are found here

Priority fields of study for applicants under the purview of the MoLHR are found here.