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Australia Awards – Intake 2018


Before submitting an application for an Australia Awards Scholarship, applicants MUST read the Scholarships Policy Handbook and the Maldives Country Profile.
All details about the Australia Awards Scholarships are contained in the Handbook. Maldives-specific information is contained in the Country Profile.

Australia Awards Maldives organizes free information sessions for all interested applicants. Attendance at these information sessions are through registration only.

ATTENTION: Submission of IELTS results after application deadline

In view of the fact that the IELTS test scheduled for March in Male’ has been cancelled due on account of the flu virus, Australia Awards Maldives will allow applicants to submit their IELTS results to the Australia Awards office via email after the application closing date provided they have sat the IELTS test before the application closing date (i.e. before 5.00pm on 30 April 2017). Applicants are required to submit documentary evidence with their application of having registered for an IELTS test before the application closing date.

Social Inclusion

Will adjustment be made for my disability? 

Yes. Applications are encouraged from people with disability, and the Program allows for reasonable adjustments to be made for successful applicants with a disability.

What are “reasonable adjustments”?

Reasonable adjustments are measures which an education provider is required to make to ensure students with a disability can meet the academic standards of their course of study and participate on the same basis as students without a disability. Reasonable adjustments might include changes to the way a person enrols in a course, alterations to the physical environment and other facilities, and changes to the way training is delivered and skills are assessed.

Awardees with a disability are assessed and provided with reasonable adjustments to ensure that they succeed in their Award.

Are the Awards open to both women and men?

Yes. At least 50 percent of the Awards will be given to qualified women applicants.